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Norbury C of E Primary School

NorburyC of E Primary School

Laughter and Learning in a
Caring Christian School

Religious Education


Religious Education at Norbury C of E Primary School is taught in a stimulating, interesting and enjoyable way which encourages the children to learn, enquire and evaluate the fundamental questions of life. We give the pupils the ability to evaluate their own and others’ views.

The teaching of R.E is important to promote the children’s social, moral and cultural awareness.  The values that are embraced at Norbury C of E Primary School will prepare the children with the right skills and attitudes to flourish in the community and be good citizens in a diverse society.

Pupils are encouraged to appreciate different religions, beliefs, viewpoints and cultures and develop their own views through enquiry, questioning and investigation.

At Norbury C of E Primary RE plays a central role in a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable students to participate fully in a multi-religious and multi-secular world. It aims to enable young people to hold informed and balanced conversations about worldviews, religion and beliefs. It provides a safe environment where pupils can explore their own ideas and learn to evaluate the opinions of others.


Children at Norbury School are introduced to RE concepts through the use of two schemes, Understanding Christianity supports pupils in developing their own thinking and their understanding of Christianity, whereas The Derbyshire and Derby City Agreed syllabus supports pupils with knowledge and understanding of other world faiths these both provide a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it.

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