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Norbury C of E Primary School

NorburyC of E Primary School

Laughter and Learning in a
Caring Christian School


Starling Class - EYFS and Year One


Starling Class is comprised of Early Years [4-5 year olds] and Year 1 [5-6 year olds]. The children have two class teachers.  Sally Wright (headteacher) is the class teacher every morning and Sue Brunt leads the class every afternoon.  The class is always supported by at least one teaching assistant in order to make the most of all opportunities for learning.

Outdoor learning is an integral part of the curriculum and our outdoor spaces provide children with unique opportunities to learn through play and exploration. Happy children are kind. Happy children are willing to learn. Happy children are successful.


Kingfisher Class - Year Two and Year Three


The Kingfisher Class is taught by Naomi Beckett, working with experienced teaching assistants Teresa Sowter and Jen O'Shaughnessy.  The children enjoy working in an active way and building their fluency in core skills as they progress into Key Stage Two.  They benefit from the creativity and passion for outdoor learning and forest school which Miss Beckett brings to our school as well as a rigorous approach to the curriculum.

The Kingfisher Class also enjoy a very cosy classroom with views across the school field and surrounding countryside.


Heron Class - Year Four, Year Five and Year Six


Our oldest children are taught by Nikki Woodrow, working with dedicated teaching assistant Hannah Anders.  Heron children are role models for our younger friends and display exemplary behaviour, team work and kindness towards others.  Children in Heron Class often choose to take on extra roles of responsibility in school such as running lunch time clubs, becoming prefects and librarians, play leaders and contributing to the charity work of the school.

It is always exciting to watch our Heron Class thrive as they prepare for the key transition to secondary school.  Many of our former pupils choose to visit us at school to support sporting or drama activities, for work experience or to continue to support the younger children.