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Norbury C of E Primary School

NorburyC of E Primary School

Laughter and Learning in a
Caring Christian School

British Values

Promoting British Values at Norbury CofE Primary School

We understand our responsibility to actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Our year started with a discussion about personal and British Values.

own and british values assembly.pdf

Every week, we have a collective worship using Picture News.  This gives us an interesting prompt and context for the weekly discussion of British Values and protected characteristics.


Here are some of the other ways that British Values are promoted at Norbury.

Mutual Respect

  • Our school is built on 'Laughter and Learning', our community is like a family, respectful and supportive of each other
  • Children and adults treat each other well, there is an atmosphere in the classroom where the children feel safe, motivated to learn and respected
  • In our small school with mixed age classes, children are expected to be role models for younger children
  • Children are respected to take on roles of responsibility, such as Nature Garden Rangers, prefects and school librarians.  They are respected to influence school policy and decision making
  • Our behaviour policy reflects a restorative approach to behaviour management, founded on relationships, reflection and discussion


  • Opportunities for children to be involved in democratic processes, such as picture book voting (EYFS/Y1), voting during the whole school project 'Was T'Rex really just a big chicken?', voting for house rewards and many more!
  • Time spent discussing local and national democratic processes during events such as elections and coronations.  Part of the school premises is used as a polling station which always sparks discussion!
  • Inclusion in suitable parts of the curriculum, such as History

Individual Liberty

  • Children are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment
  • Children know that they are respected and nurtured as individuals
  • Children know that we are 'all dfferent, all equal'
  • This is explored through weekly Circle Assemblies, PSHE, RE and Forest School as well as through reflection and decision making processes across the curriculum and through creative learning opportunities such as Art and DT with a focus on process not product

Rule of Law

  • Our school rules are introduced using story and role play in the earliest days of EYFS
  • The rules are understood by all children, and the vocabulary used consistently throughout the school
  • Children are taught that rules and laws protect them and keep them safe, happy and learning


  • We acknowledge our responsibility as a school to support our children in their understanding of diversity and equality
  • Diversity and equality are key curriculum drivers for the choices that we make about curriculum and experiences to enhance the cultural capital of our children
  • We understand the concept of 'windows and mirrors' with reference to access to literature for our children.  We are proactive and heavily resource books in our school to provide windows to the wider world from our isolated, rural location
  • We work with New Chapter Books to design reading challenges that are weighted with books addressing topics of equality and diversity
  • We are outward looking and access opportunities to be involved with the wider community wherever possible, visiting cities and towns and welcoming visitors to our school
  • Curriculum choices promote opportunities for discussions about equality, diversity and tolerance
  • We value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of pupils, families and community members
  • Children study other countries and languages