Term Time Dates

Autumn Term 1&2 Sep – Dec 2016


Tues 5th September INSET
Tue 6th Sept Return to school
Wed 7th Sept KS2 visit Big Top [every week until Christmas]
Fri 9th Sept [and each Friday] Little Herons in Village 9.15am [weekly basis]

Forest Schools [alternating Year groups]

Sat 10th Sept 100 Club – Norbury Village Hall
Friday 23rd Sept Infant Farm Trip
Tuesday 27th Sept Yr6 parents and pupils to Induction Evening at QEGS
Wednesday 28th Sept Olympic Athlete visiting Norbury Pupils
Wed 5th Oct Junior Ploughing Match Trip
Sun 9th October 11.00 am Harvest Festival at Norbury Church
Friday 21st October Break up for 1 week
Mon 31st Oct Return to school
Fri 4th Nov Scholastic Books
Mon 14th Nov 2.45pm – Year 5 and 6 Gold Book Assembly
Fri 18th Nov KS2 Gangster Granny Trip
Mon – Fri wk. beg. 21st Nov Parents Evening [more details to follow]
Wed 14th Dec Infant Nativity 10.00am and 4.00pm


FONSA Christmas Stalls and KS2 Singing

Fri 16th Dec Christingle at Norbury Church 2.00pm


Break up for Christmas Holidays

Mon 19th Dec INSET

Tues 20th Dec






Spring Term 3&4 Jan-Apr 2017
Tues 3rd Jan Return to school
Mon 16th Jan 2.45pm – Infant Gold Book Assembly
Tues 7th Feb Safer Internet Day
Fri 10th Feb Break up for 1 week
Mon 20th Feb Return to school
Tues 28th Feb INSET
Wed 1st March INSET
Sun 26th March 11.00am Mother’s Day service at Norbury Church
Mon-Fri wk. beg. 27th March Parents Evening
Friday 7th April 2.00pm Easter Church Service

Break up for Easter Holidays




Summer Term 5&6 Apr-July 2015


Mon 24th Apr Return to school
Mon 1st May Bank Holiday
Monday 8th May – Thursday 11th May KS2 SATS
Monday15th May – Thursday 18th May KS1 SATS
Mon 22nd May 2.45pm – Year 3 and 4 Gold Book Assembly
Friday 26th May Break up for 1 week
Mon 5th June Return to school
Fri 16th June 2.00pm – Well Dressing Blessing
Mon 19th June Year 1 Phonics Test
Tues 27th – 29th June Year 6 Transition visits to QEGS
Fri 7th July Sports Day


Family Summer Camp

Wed 19th July 10.00am and 6.00pm Junior Production
Fri 21st July Break up for summer



There will be a separate calendar issued for sports fixtures