Norbury CE Primary School

Sports Premium Grant (2019 / 2020]

The Sports Premium Grant has been awarded to all schools in order to fund improvements to the provision and lasting impact of PE and sport in the 2018 to 2019 academic year. It is the intention this additional funding encourages pupils to develop healthy lifestyles, in addition to raising the profile, quality and quantity of sport provision in school.  Impact will be measured in three key areas:

  • Physical Activity / Enhanced Provision
  • Physical Education (Curricular)
  • School Sport and Competition

The Grant allocation for Norbury CE Primary School (2018 / 2019) is £16,000 plus £5 per pupil on roll.

The table below indicates how the money will be utilised and the impact the funding has had on promoting healthy lifestyles and improving participation in sport.

  Activity Cost  



School Sports Partnership (SSP) QEGS cluster sporting activities £2000

£260 [Peak Ballet]

·         Regular network meetings for School PE Link Tutor

·         Full programme of intra-school competitions eg rounders, football, tag rugby, cross-country, basketball, hockey, netball, dance festival, orienteering

·         CPD opportunities for staff – specialist sports

·         Sports Leaders from partner secondary school (QEGS) support curriculum initiatives in school

·         Access to trained specialist staff for information sharing

·         Resource loan and access to quality and purpose built facilities eg gym, sports hall, astro-turf, playing fields.

·         Support with audits/action planning

·         Participation and instruction for the Dance Festival [KS2]

·         Support with application for Sainsbury Sports award

Continuous Professional Development Forest Schools Development £7,200 ·         CPD funding for a further 1 colleagues to complete Level 3 Forest Schools Teacher’s Award leading to enhanced provision and opportunities for pupils in our own forest school setting.

·         Weekly access for learning outside. The Outdoor Classroom promotes pupil independence, management of risk, team building, physical activity.

·         Staffing of Forest School so that each class can visit the woodland each week [10 hours a week]

·         After school provision to support Playworker extending opportunities for Science and Team work.

First Aid Training for Forest School setting [X2] £600 ·         Ensure that first aid provision is up to date for Forest School setting [X2]
Physical Activity / Education



Payment to Soccerskills for 1X weekly P.E sessions. £2000 ·         Promoting inclusive sports

·         Promotes sense of well-being and active movement

·         Introducing new sports that are not covered in the primary curriculum.

·         Specialist input of skills knowledge

·         Increased participation in extra curriculum time, leading to increased participation in extra-curricular activities eg girls soccer, football, multi skills.


CPD development work with Senior Midday Supervisor – to enhance lunchtime provision in conjunction with the school council £1000 ·         Attendance by Midday Supervisor at School Council Meetings

·         Action Planning to secure resources for Lunchtime Play

·         Purchase of Storage Facility for lunchtime resources

·         Identification of Sports Leaders at Lunchtime

Swimming programme for EYFS – Yr6 pupils £2,928 ·         Extending physical sporting opportunity

·         Utilisation of specialist Swimming Teacher to deliver swimming programme

·         Transport to and from Swimming Pool I(weekly)

Provision for 1:1 inclusion programme £700 ·         Enriched programme within the main curriculum and also support to SEND pupil.


The addition of Gymnastics at Big Top Centre [Uttoxeter] £3,312 ·         Opportunity to participate in gym lessons with expertise teachers and equipment.

·         Bus costs to Uttoxeter [transport]

·         To use equipment that enhances the PE curriculum.

School Sport and Competition Transport to KS2 Dance Festival £100 ·         Showcase event (QEGS) facilitating all KS2 pupils to perform in partnership with other Cluster Schools
Staffing for sports competitions during after school. £800 ·         To ensure that pupils are supervised during competitions by a member of staff.

·         Supply costs

Equipment EYFS £600 ·         Trikes and bikes

·         OLA play equipment to promote healthy lifestyle

·         To compliment and enhance the outdoor provision of EYFS curriculum.

Sports Equipment £2000 ·         A new metal shed to store PE equipment closer to the village hall.


The development of Sporting Opportunities over the next year and subsequent year is reviewed and monitored regularly by the School and Governing Body and where appropriate will form part of the School Improvement Plan.

To judge the impact of a sport premium please click the following link.

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