Pupil Premium

Norbury CE Primary School

Pupil Premium Grant (2016-7)

The Pupil Premium Grant is an allocation of additional money received from the Government in order to help key groups of children do well in school. These groups include any child who has been in receipt of Free School Meals in the last 6 years, children in care or children of Armed Services Families.


The intention of Pupil Premium Funding is to enable schools to offer direct support and targeted intervention to the intended groups of pupils to aim to narrow gaps in pupil achievement. The support may involve additional staff 1:1 time, staffing support for groups of children, funding to support enrichment eg extra-curricular and curricular opportunities, purchasing of additional resources to enhance learning or other activities that help raise attainment and achievement and help children progress.


The impact of Pupil Premium Funding is displayed in the table below. Pupil Premium funding and reviews of impact are discussed regularly at with staff and with the Governing Body.  Confidentiality and anonymity is always maintained.


Additional information can be found upon the Department for Education website at http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/pupil-premium . Any parents who are unsure if they qualify for Free School Meals should speak with the Headteacher at the school or look on the Derbyshire County Council website at http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/ .


Whilst Infant pupils are now in receipt of Universal free School meals it is still important to advise school if you think your child may be eligible for the free school meal grant, because the school will then receive additional funds to support and enhance learning.


Activity Expected Outcomes


Teaching Assistant support ·         Provision Mapping to support raised levels of achievement and attainment in core subject areas.

·         TA main class support

·         Nurture time / PSHE support

·         One to one and small group curriculum support

·         Achievement and attainment enhanced

·         Social, emotional, physical and learning needs met

·         Self-esteem development, confidence, speech and language development.

·         Opportunities to improve social and peer involvement.

Forest Schools resources



·         Learning through play [enrichment of curriculum]

·         Engaging in positive friendship situations


·         Positive impact on friendships and socialisation

·         Becoming familiar with local area / locality

·         Having a sense of belonging

Positive play and behaviour resources ·         Group work to increase PSHE ·         Increased speaking and listening skills
TA training on self-esteem programme ·         Improve confidence

·         Improving attendance

·         Seeing how to help themselves and others
Purchase of school uniform ·           Peer integration ·         Positive social identity

·         Inclusion

Enrichment activities eg trips ·         Peer integration, development of whole child ·         Inclusion, extended learning opportunities, wider world opportunities
Creating a positive Learning Environment ·         Development of a library space / intervention room ·         A classroom environment that can be utilised for 1:1 sessions

·         A quiet space to provide nurture and support.


The impact on educational attainment of pupils in receipt of the ‘pupil premium grant’ is assessed using the school’s internal data tracking system.