Data Protection Act 1998

Request Form for Subject Access to School Files

Request for Access to Personal Data

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to enquire of any organization whether they hold your personal data and to see a copy of that data. Individuals are called ‘data subjects’ in the Act.

If you require copies of data we may hold, please complete all sections below and return this form together with the necessary verification details. The information on the form will only be used to process your request and find information which relates to you. It will be kept on file to respond to any subsequent correspondence, and will not be used for any other purpose. A response will be provided within 40 days of receipt of the completed form and proof of identity.

1. Details of Person Requesting Information
Full Name:
Date of Birth:

Tel. No. Fax No. E-Mail
Other Address Details (if less than 3 years at above address)

4. Are You the Data Subject?

YES: If you are the Data Subject please supply evidence of your identity – passport, driving licence or birth certificate (originals only) sent by special delivery unless you are able to bring them in person. Documents will be returned by special delivery. (Please go to question 7.)

NO: Are you acting on behalf of the Data Subject with their written authority? If so, that authority must be enclosed. (Please complete questions 5 and 6)

5. Details of the Data Subject (if different to 1.)
Full name
Date of Birth

Tel. No. Fax No. E-Mail
6. Please describe your relationship with the Data Subject that leads you to make this request for information on their behalf.

7. Please describe the information you require:

8. Please add any additional details (such as relevant dates, contact names, references etc.)

9. Does the information requested include information relating to another person (a 3rd party)? YES/NO

10. Do you wish to view the information in person? YES/NO (information will otherwise be supplied in hard copy to the address supplied above)

Signed Date

Please note that it may be necessary to seek further information or proof of identity (of data subject or agent) before the request can be processed. If this is the case, then the statutory 40-day limit on response will start from the date that the Council receives all necessary information and proof. Every effort will be made to provide you with access or send you your details (along with an explanation of any codes or technical terms used) as soon as possible after receipt of your application.

If there is any part of this form you do not understand, or if you need further guidance, please contact the School.

Please return the completed form to the School. The following documents must accompany this application:

• evidence of your identity;
• evidence of the data subject’s identity (if different from above) and their authority.