Years 5 and 6 Homework

10th June

Mrs Anders has extended the Science for 12th June. Please hand in to Mrs Chapman.

Please learn all lines for your character up to scene 3.


23rd May

Science Homework to be handed in to Mrs. Anders on Tuesday 30th May

What is an amphibian? Write notes explaining how it is different to other vertebrates.

Draw and label the life cycles of the frog and salamander.

What is an insect?

Draw and label the life cycles of a butterfly and a locust. How are these two life cycles different?


15th June 2017

We have read up to Chapter 9  in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Please continue to read the book throughout the week.


For pupils who have read the book already [well done] I have attached a picture of Hagrid’s hut [chapter 8]. Use descriptive vocabulary to write a paragraph about the picture. Don’t forget to use a wide variety of punctuation. A thesaurus will help you to up-level any words.