Years 4, 5 and 6 Homework

6.12.18 [as with the maths below these homework’s get progressively harder]

Some Christmas Literacy Activities

Easier Bronze

Activity Booklet 2

Year 3 Christmas English Activity Booklet

Activity Booklet 4


Activity Booklet 5


Year 6 Christmas English Activity Booklet


Extra Christmas fun


Don’t forget there is a booklet of spellings in your reading diary at the front. You could start to look through some of these. Also, if you are still working on times tables, get practising!!! You should know ALL of the times tables facts up to X12 by the end of Year 4!!



Previous Homework


School Closure Work [keep busy now]


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at fractions. We have been busy looking at equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting them. Have a look at the work pages below.

year 3 and 4

Adding and subtracting simple fractions [the denominator is the same, nice and simple]

Year 4 and 5 fractions

Equivalent fractions

year 5 and 6


year 6

Decimal numbers as fractions

year 6 harder problems

Challenge questions!! Go on have a go.


If you have forgotten what to do have a lesson with maths antics.

Google maths antics and all his lessons are free!!


I hope this helps.

Mrs Chapman