Years 3/ 4 / 5 [Bronze]

This week we have been looking at early algebra with missing numbers

Have a look at the worksheet below

Years 5/6 [Silver / Gold]

This week we have been looking at algebra. The following questions are taken from SATS papers, so if you are in Year 5 just have a look at a couple of questions. Year 6, do as many as you can please.

Spellings – to be tested on 14.2.19

Group 1 – Years 4/5

  1. I take a bath. The spelling is take.
  2. I let the water out. The spelling is water.
  3. My sister is kind. The spelling is sister.
  4. I have many friends. The spelling is many.
  5. What is the time? The spelling is time.

Group 2 – Year 4/5

  1. The books are in the library. The spelling is library.
  2. The weather is extreme. The spelling is extreme.
  3. I was put in the wrong group. The spelling is group.
  4. The calendar tells us the months of the year. The spelling is calendar.
  5. My heart is beating. The spelling is heart.

Group 3 – Year 5 / 6

  1. We can accommodate your requirements.
  2. I’m scared will you accompany me?
  3. According to Mrs Chapman we have to wait here.
  4. I will achieve all my goals in life!
  5. Be kind not aggressive.
  6. I’m not very good at this because I’m an amateur.
  7. It is apparent that we are the best.
  8. The ancient tomb was full of dust.