Happy Holidays Kingfishers,

I hope you are all having a wonderful time, getting out and about and enjoying this new warmer weather we have been having.

What I really want you to do this holiday is go out and do things! Go for a walk or a trip to the park, go to a museum or a new town to explore or just find a stick to play with in the garden.

When we get back to school I will be eager to learn what you have been up to and any new information we can learn about our ‘Brilliant Britain’ topic.

Maybe you could keep a diary of the things that you have been doing, or collect leaflets from the places that you visit. Maybe you could write an acrostic poem about Britain, England or somewhere new you have discovered. Maybe you could paint a picture of something beautiful that you have seen this week. It would be fabulous if you could use what you see and experience as your inspiration for a creative project. But most importantly have fun!

Miss B