Friday 22nd May

Get the Big Writes to me ….and then enjoy your holiday.




Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Herons. I hope you are all well and looking forward to half term. That’s right, are you ready for a week off from home learning? Good. Me too! Hopefully you will have some nice weather so get outside and enjoy it. You can keep a diary if you want to keep your writing skills going. Use your red book for any writing activities, or you could keep practising your times tables – this is a perfect time to get all those facts learnt!


Some of you are sending work to me everyday – it’s lovely to see your Dojo Points bouncing up – a few of you now have over 400 points. If this is you, you’ve made it onto my very good  list! Well done.

You have probably heard that Boris and the government are reopening schools after half term, so I will be seeing a few more of you as the schools slowly start to open again. I’m sorry I will not be seeing all of you, but it’s a start. School life will look a bit different so for those of you who are returning there will be some rules to follow, but don’t worry, the rules are there to keep everybody safe. The most important rule is that parents will not be allowed in the school, they will have to drop you off at the school gate. Be good when you are dropped off, I know it might be hard on day one after spending so long at home but you know you will be looked after by us all.

If you are not coming back into school I will continue to set work for you on this website page. Mrs Woods and Mrs Anders will be helping me too as I will be teaching again, so be patient with me I will be multi-tasking.


Literacy [2 days]

Big Write

Danny the Champion of the World

It is really important that you have now completed the book Danny Champion of the World. Thank you to the children who have told me they have done this via Class Dojo. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is one of my favourite Roald Dahl books – which is funning because I’m not a fan of killing birds. What makes it so good is that it is told in the first person. The first person is when a person tells us the story from their point of view [fancy word – perspective]. When I write to you on here I am writing in the first person.


Everyday, I explain what you have to do on the Norbury website. [1st person]

Everyday, Mrs Chapman explains what work the children will be doing on the Norbury website. [third person]


If you are not sure about this there is a little video to help you below.


I would like you to do some story writing based on the 1st person. I would like you to think carefully about the relationship that Danny had with his father. The message from Roald Dahl at the end of the book really helps to show how special Danny’s father was. He was not a ‘stodgy’ parent, but a ‘sparky’ parent. The story reminds me of David Walliams’ book ‘Gangsta Granny’ when Ben starts to get into all kinds of trouble with his Granny. Watch the clip below to remind you of the story.


Today I would like you to start thinking about an adventure that you [so it must be written in the first person] and a relative have. The story must be daring, perhaps even break the law and must be done for a reason and purpose. For example, Danny and his father drugged and stole the pheasants to teach Mr Hazel a lesson. Gangsta Granny wanted to show Ben that she could be fun and not just cook cabbage soup! Use the planning sheet below to help you plan out your ideas.

Danny Champion Planning sheet

When you have completed the planning sheet [doesn’t need to be detailed] you may start your story in your red book. I will be checking that you ALL complete this activity. I don’t usually put that do I, but I do mean it today, so make sure you have a go. A good amount to write is about 4 paragraphs. More is obviously fine.


Really not sure what to do. Your brain has shrivelled up and you can’t get it to think of your own ideas, do not fear!! Steal ideas from books that you have read or films that you have watched. Pinch other storywriters ideas, I really don’t mind at all. Basing your story on something you know about also really helps, for example if you love football, make your story about football. Don’t panic.

If all fails, use Danny the Champion of the world as your base. Perhaps you hunt rabbits instead of pheasants. Perhaps it is Danny’s mum who takes him on the exciting adventure. This makes story writing easier because you will be re-telling the story you know but just changing parts.

VCOP help


Please make sure this is completed and sent to me by 24th of May. It is fine to use the computer, in fact this makes it easier for me to read. You can email me your work.





The Twits

Big Write

If you have been reading The Twits I expect you really don’t like them now. They really are the most unpleasant kind of people, aren’t they?


.The Downstairs Twits by Mr Muggle-Wump. Episode 7 #27 (Bloody Hag ...

For your Big Write I would like you to pretend that you are Mugglewump stuck in the bare and small cage with your family. The Twits make you do all kinds of unpleasant things, like standing on your head!! Use the video link below to find out about the first person, because if you are going to be Mugglewump you need to write in the first person.

Before you start you story think about the following questions, this will help you to plan your ideas.

  1. What horrible things do the Twits make yo do? – ideas could be singing for hours, standing on heads, doing a dance, balancing
  2. What terrible things do you see Mr andMrs Twit doing? – ideas could be glueing the tree to trap birds, shooting rabbits, arguing with each other. playing tricks on each other, chasing little boys away
  3. What does your cage look like. What can you see when you look through the bars?
  4. Why can’t you get out? – ideas could be that you don’t know where the key is, Mr Twit keeps it in his pocket at all times, there is no key
  5. Can someone help you get out and escape?
  6. Where would you go? – ideas could be the jungle, a nice safari park where you are given apples and bananas
  7. How do you escape?


What am I looking for?

In Year 4 you should be able to focus on neat handwriting that sits on the line. You should be thinking about using the correct spelling for a word [dictionary on computer / parent / word bank] your story needs to be written in the first person. Your story should have beginning, middle and an end [I like happy endings, but it doesn’t have to be!]



VCOP help


If you are feeling a bit behind and do not know where to start here is link to the whole story.


Please make sure this is completed and sent to me by 24th of May.  I will chase you if you don’t send me anything!




Wednesday 20th May


If you have wobbly spelling, here’s a further set of words to check that you know first.

Said, She, So, Some

Year 4

3 4 spellings 20 May 2

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 5

Year 5/6

5 6 spellings 20 May

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 4

Times Tables

Home schooling Times Tables Practice

Grid tables


Extra hard challenge – tables and beyond!



Years 4/5/6

Instructions Judaism

Year 4


Worksheet Bar mitzvah

Monday 19th May 2020


Nelson Spelling

Book 1 [Red] – pg 4 and 5

Book 2 [Blue] pg 4 and 5

Book 3 [Green] pg 4 and 5

Book 4 [Yellow] pg 4 and 5



Number Book 4

followed by the worksheet please


Number Book 5

followed by the game below please


Number Book 6

I like the way this guy explains this. Bit different to me, but I like it. Juyst stick with addition if you are struggling.

followed by the worksheet please


Number Book 7



Afternoon Work


Watch the following clip and answer the questions. The questions are in order with the clip. I have highlighted the trickier questions with a *, so don’t feel you have to do them all.

  1. How old was Tutankhamun when he died?
  2. *Why do you think his age makes him less significant as a Pharaoh?*
  3. What does an archeologist do?
  4. What makes Tutankhamun’s tomb unusual?
  5. *What does the shape of the pyramid represent?*
  6. Why are there hieroglyphics on the walls of the Pharaoh’s tombs?
  7. *Describe the journey of the Pharaoh in the underworld?*
  8. Why did the archeologist think that Tutankhamun’s tomb was less decorated than other Pharaohs?



If Tutankhamun’s tomb was less decorated and was completed quickly can you think why this might have happened? Read the thread below the clip.




Monday 18th May 2020


Danny Champion of the World

Chapter 16 the Champion of the World to the end

Please complete the book ready for a piece of written work.





The Twits

Read the chapters No Bird Pie for Mr Twit, Still No Bird Pie for Mr Twit and Mr and Mrs Twit Go Off to Buy Guns


Year 4 and 5 Spelling / Handwriting

Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive


Year 6 SPAG

Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1

Answers are at the back of the sheets. Have a go at marking. Finding out where you go wrong is a key part of learning.



Number Book 4

pg 25 – Finding Fifths


Number Book 5

pg 31 – All the Same


Number Book 6

pg 34 – Some left over


Number Book 7



Afternoon Work






Friday 15th May 2020



Please complete your Big Maths CLIC / Learn Its / SAFE

Big Maths Login



The Twits

Read the chapters The Great Upside Down Monkey Circus and The Roly- Poly Bird to the Rescue

In your red books copy out the song that the Roly-Poly bird sung as he flew around the tree. Use your best handwriting using a cursive style.


There’s sticky stick stuff all over the tree!

If you land in the branches, you’ll never get free!

So fly away! Fly away! Stay up high!

Or you’ll finish up tomorrow in a hot Bird Pie!


When you have copied out the song, try to learn and perform it. Learning something off by heart it hard, but really good for you. Record your performance and send to me via Classroom Dojo.


Danny Champion of the World

Read chapter 15 – The Keeper

Roald Dahl makes the reader dislike the Keeper, Mr Rabbetts. This is because the story is written from the point of view of Danny who is a small boy and afraid. Today, I would like you to re-write the chapter from the point of view of Mr Rabbetts. Now although we don’t like Mr Rabbetts, the truth is this man is just doing his job. He probably just wants to go home and have his tea. A keeper’s job is to ensure that the pheasants are roosted and safe at night. A keeper would ensure that no-one harmed the pheasants. When you re-write this chapter put yourself in his shoes, if something goes wrong he will be in a lot of trouble with Mr Victor Hazell. I would expect 2 paragraphs.

Think about these questions to help you.


  1. Mr Rabbetts is hoping that he doesn’t see anyone lurking in the woods.
  2. Mr Rabbetts is suspicious of Danny’s father as his leg is plastered up.
  3. Could he have found the man that was shot in the wood last week.
  4. He needs to move this man and his son away as soon as possible before he causes more trouble.
  5. All the birds are safety roosted in the trees.
  6. He can get home in the warm.



Send a Picture or Video

Send me a picture or video of something you have been doing over the last few weeks. It could be playing an instrument, riding your bike, drawing pictures, walking your dog. looking after your pet, making something, DIY, craft or helping around the house.


Have a lovely weekend. Be helpful and kind to your family. xx






Thursday 14th May 2020



Number Book 4 [Perimeter]

There is a video to watch and then an online quiz


Number Book 5 [Division]

There is a short video to watch and an interactive game and then two worksheets. Draw the problem out if you need to. The link to the worksheets are on the page but here are the links below.

Second worksheet year 5


Number Book 6 [Finding a fraction of a number]

There are two helpful videos to watch and then a worksheet to do [link below or it is on page]


Number Book 7

Mathswatch [let me know if you are getting bored with this or if it is okay]




Year 4

Read the chapter Four Little Sticky Boys. This is one of my favourite chapters in The Twits because these cheeky boys met more than they bargained for when they trespassed on Mr Twits land. Look at the questions below. Write in full sentences, I have done an example,

example: What evening did Mr Twit smear the tree with Glue

Mr Twit smeared the glue on the tree on Tuesday evening.

  1. What did Mr Twit smear on the tree?
  2. Why did the boys come into the garden?
  3. Roald Dahl uses the word ‘crept’, what does this tell us about the boys?
  4. Do you think the boys should have climbed the ladder? Justify your answer with the word ‘because’.
  5. Why were there no birds stuck to the tree in the morning?
  6. What did the boys think Mr Twit was going to do to them?
  7. How did the boys escape?
  8. Do you think the boys will ever visit the Twit’s garden again? Justify your answer with the word ‘because’.


Years 5 and 6 [KS2 Reading SATS Paper] – if you are in Yr 4 and you want a peek, please go for it

Have a look at this SATS reading paper. Year 5 don’t worry if you cannot do all of the paper in one go. Year 6, you should be looking to complete the paper in 1 hour. Time yourself if you want.


Answer Booklet for you to write in


You don’t need to print this out, just look from pg 8 [there’s a lot of info for teachers which you will not need]


Wednesday 13th May 2020


If you have wobbly spelling, here’s a further set of words to check that you know first.

Next 200-high-frequency-words-activity-book_ver_5

Year 4

3 4 spellings 13 May 2

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 4

Year 5/6

5 6 spellings 13 May

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 3


Times Tables [Please don’t do all of the sheets – choose the most appropriate for your learning]

Home schooling Times Tables Practice


Times tables master challenges!






Please complete pages 3 and 4 in the ‘What is Judaism?’ pack. This consists of: labelling Jewish items, making and completing a quiz on what you’ve learnt so far about Judaism.

Home learning what is Judaism



Tuesday 12th May 2020


Number Book 4 – pg 24 – Fractions

Number Book 4 12.5.20


Number Book 5 – pg 30 – Twelfths

Number Book 5 12.5.20


Number Book 6 – pg 32 and 33 – Improper Fractions

Number Book 6 12.5.20


Number Book 7




The Twits

Read chapters ‘Mr Twit Gets a Horrid Shock’, ‘The House, the Tree and the Monkey Cage’ and ‘Hugtight Sticky Glue’.


Danny Champion of the World

Read the chapter 13 and 14


Art – Drawing




Monday 11th May 2020



Thank you to the children who have written their Roald Dahl stories and sent them to me. An extra well done to the children who recorded their stories!! Amazing. There were some serious Dojo points being given out over the weekend.

If you have not sent your story to me, could you finish this off today please and send it to me via email or class dojo.

If you have finished your Roald Dahl story, have a look at Unit 2 from your handwriting books [revel in your glory!]



[Please don’t feel you have to print these maths sheets out, just work from the computer into your green maths book]



Year 3 [Division] – Number Book 4 Easy



if you don’t have PowerPoint


then…..the answers





Year 4 [Multiply by 100] Number Book 4 Harder



if you don’t have PowerPoint


then…the answers





Year 5 [Multiples] Number Book 5



if you don’t have PowerPoint


then..the answers





Year 6 [addition and subtraction] Number Book 6



if you don’t have PowerPoint


then…the answers




Number Book 7

Please log in to MathsWatch for your next algebra step







Thursday 7th May 2020


The Twits

Being a very unkind and thoughtless man, Mr Twit watched Mrs Twit drift higher and higher into the air – up, up and away. Chuckling to himself, he decided that while Mrs Twit was gone he was going to have some fun of his own. Mrs Twit had certain rules in their house and she became very aggressive if these rules were broken.

“Ahhhh,” sighed Mr Twit happily, “she’s gone, and about time too.” He stomped quickly to the front door, not wanting to miss a moment of his ‘alone’ time. First, Mr Twit went to the fridge and opened a can of beer. Sipping it down in one gulp he wiped the froth away from his dirty moustache with his sleeve. Mrs Twit had strict rules about drinking beer in the middle of the day.

“Rule one broken,” he chuckled like a school boy. Secondly, Mr Twit sat on his favourite chair in the living room, putting his dirty feet – for he had not removed his shoes – on Mrs Twit’s nice clean stool. He opened another can of beer with a loud ‘clunk’. Fishing around for the remote control Mr Twit turned on the football match at a very high volume. He was not allowed to watch football until Mrs Twit had gone to bed.

“Rule number two – broken,” he laughed with glee. Next Mr Twit collected a large range of snacks from the fridge: chicken nuggets, chocolate bars, peanuts and sweets. Shoving the snacks into his large dirty mouth he sat back in his favourite chair, watching his football match, while drinking his beer until he fell into a light doze. Dozing was certainly not allowed in the middle of the day if Mrs Twit was around. She liked Mr Twit to be getting on with something productive like mending the shelves or collecting the firewood. Another rule broken. However, the light doze on the sofa soon turned into a deep sleep as Mr Twit enjoyed the peace and quiet from his demanding wife. Deep snores resounded from Mr Twit.

There he lay on his favourite chair, with his dirty shoes on Mrs Twit’s stool, fast asleep with a beer in his hand with wrappers and junk food scattered all around. Peace at last…until of course Mrs Twit came back.


Her hair was tangled and wind swept from being tied to the balloons and she had bite marks all over her arms.

“What is going on?” she yelled. “Get up you lazy twit!”



Today your task is to write a story about what Mr Twit did while Mrs Twit was floating around with balloons tied to her hair. Think carefully about neat handwriting and spelling. Ask a grown up to read through your work to find any spelling mistakes. Some children are videoing themselves reading their stories – this is really good as reading your work through helps you to identify any mistakes you have made.

Good luck – message me if you have any questions.



Danny Champion of the World


On Tuesday I asked you to think about ideas for your story. In your story I would like you to use Roald Dahl’s text from Boy and Danny Champion of the World to help describe what it would have been like to be punished by force at school. The title for your story is ‘Crime, Punishment and Revenge’. First I would like you to describe what you have done. What is your crime? In Danny Champion of the World Danny was caught helping his friend with maths and was then ‘insolent’ [posh word for cheeky] to the teacher. In the story Boy, Roald Dahl was caught putting a dead mouse into a sweet jar. What rule have you broken? This should be your first paragraph. Next, you need to think about how you get caught. Was it your fault? Are you taking the blame for someone else’s crime? How are you punished? Think about the detail that Roald Dahl uses when he is punished. Listen to the story again for help and inspiration if you need to or read it using the link below. Drag it out. Make your reader feel uncomfortable and want it to end. In your final paragraph, when your parents see the marks on you what do they do? How do they react? Are you happy that they are cross with your teacher, or are they cross with you for breaking the rules?










Wednesday 6th May 2020


If you have wobbly spelling, check that you know all of these words first.



Year 4

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Words

3 4 spellings 2


Year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Words

5 6 spellings 2


Times Tables [Please don’t do all of the sheets – choose the most appropriate for your learning]

Home schooling Times Tables Practice



Year 6 Challenge

Y6 challenge fractions, decimals percentage



Home learning what is Judaism

Judaism Torah





Tuesday 5th May 2020

Preparation for Extended Literacy Task

The Twits

Read the Chapter, Mr Twit Gets a Horrid Shock [pg41]

Tomorrow I am going to ask you to write a story about all the naughty things that Mr Twit did while his wife, Mrs Twit, was floating in the sky. I would like you to pretend that Mr Twit went indoors and started to do lots of things that Mrs Twit would not have liked. Start to make a list of ‘naughty’ activities that Mr Twit did. I will start your list, try to think of ten ideas:

  1. Did not take off his shoes and got the carpet all muddy.
  2. Celebrating with a mug of beer.


If you get stuck you can ask your Mum about all of your Dad’s annoying habits or you can ask Dad what he gets up to when Mum goes out!!



Danny the Champion of the World

Read Chapter 12 – Thursday and School


It’s quite a horrible read isn’t it.

When I read this chapter, I feel really sorry for Danny and his father. I can imagine why Danny’s father would want to take some form of revenge on Captain Lancaster. When teachers were allowed to punish children in school it was called corporal punishment. Corporal punishment was banned in 1986, I was seven years old. However, Roald Dahl [being much older than me] lived in times when corporal punishment was quite normal. Listen to the extract below taken from his biography ‘Boy’.


So, this actually happened to Roald Dahl [even though he admitted exaggerating in his biographies – which is a writer’s prerogative!] Tomorrow I am going to ask you to write a  diary entry. You are going to be the child who has committed a crime and will be waiting to receive corporal punishment. You can have a think about this. It is fine to use Roald Dahl’s ideas and language in your own work. Think about how your parent will react. Will they go to see the teacher who inflicted the punishment? Think about what Danny’s dad would have done if he had gone to see Captain Lancaster.

So, no written work today, just start to think about the story that I will ask you to write tomorrow. Your title will be, ‘Crime, Punishment and Revenge.’


Maths [Please pick an appropriate maths revision sheet / don’t feel you have to do all of the revision booklets]

KS1 – [Years 1 and 2]

KS1 Revision add and subtract


Year 3 Revision [pick and choose parts – if no printer just copy answers into maths book]




Year 4 Revision [pick and choose parts – if no printer just copy answers into maths book]



Year 5 Revision [pick and choose parts – if no printer just copy answers into maths book]

Year 5 Maths Revision Practice Booklet

Year 5 Answers


Year 6 Revision [if no printer copy answer into maths book – you would have 30 mins to complete this in a test]



Number Book 7 [MS / DA / TR]

Maths watch – Algebra [division] – Thank you for completing these. I’m trying to introduce new topics for you.

Have a go at the arithmetic paper above too if you want.







Monday 4th May 2020


The Twits

Read the two chapters Mrs Twit Goes Ballooning Up and Mrs Twit Comes Ballooning Down. Look at the questions below. Use neat handwriting and a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence.


  1. What did Mr Twit do to Mrs Twit which sent her up into the sky?


  1. How do we know that Mrs Twit was scared when she went into the sky?


  1. Why did Mr Twit send Mrs Twit up?


  1. Find the simile in the text.


  1. What did Mrs Twit do to get herself down?


  1. How many strings did Mrs Twit bite through, to make herself still in the air?


Danny Champion of the World

Read Chapter 11 – The Sleeping Beauty

What is Danny’s plan to catch the pheasants. Use the storyboard below to help you. Map it out step by step.

Comic Tiddalik




Number Book 4 – pg 20 – Number Hops / Finding the Difference

Number Book 4 4.5.20


Number Book 5 – pg 28 and 29 – Fractions

Number Book 5 4.5.20


Number Book 6 – pg 30 and 31

Number Book 6 4.5.20


Number Book 7 – Mathswatch
















Friday 1.5.2020


Good morning. I have recorded the story of, ‘What Made Taddalik Laugh’. This is an Australian Aborigine Tale. This means that the native people of Australia told the story. They would not have written it down, it would have been told orally. Do you remember when we talked about native Americans when looking at the story of Pocahontas? If you cannot remember where Australia is have a look on a map [Google it]. The origin of the story is a way to explain why some frogs can survive the drought and why they look like a round ball when it rains. If you cannot download my movie there is a version of the story here: Tiddalik story


What Made Tiddalik Laugh2 mov


Today I would like you to re-tell the story of Taddalik. There are different ways you can do this. The ideas become harder the further you go down the list. Try to challenge yourself if you are in Years 5 and 6. You don’t have to use my ideas, you can think of your own ideas too.


  1. Comic Strip

Use pictures to retell the story. Think about the beginning, middle and end. Plan out what happens before you start drawing. Use colour and description in your pictures.

Comic Tiddalik


2. Retell with a Change

You could retell the story but make a change. For example, the story below is the same story but it isn’t the platypus that makes the frog laugh. Can you re-tell the story with some changes. Do you know some good jokes that could be added in? What other Australian animals could you use?

Tiddalik story


3. Script

You could re-tell the story using a script instead of a story. think about what you know about scriptwriting. We do not use speech marks. We use stage directions.

Tiddalik script


4. Poem

Any story can be re-written as a poem. Here is an example, but please remember, it doesn’t have to rhyme. Poetry is about the way words are set out.


Tiddalick poem


5. Non-Chronological Text

Can you research  Australian mythology? There are lots of other aborigine stories. Write me a report about what you can find out. this is a good link for information about how the ‘dreamtime’ stories began:




Please log on to your Big Maths account and complete your challenges. If you are not getting full marks you can have another go at the packs I sent to you on Monday [scroll down]. If you do get full marks I will move you onto the next challenge. Good luck.



If you haven’t logged onto maths watch yet, it is probably best that you do as I will be using this next week for all children. Here are the instructions on how to do this:


How to logon to Mathswatch


There is work for each age group set for today. Don’t feel you have to complete it all as it gets harder.







Thursday 30.4.20


Number Book 4 – 4 pg 18 [and 19 if you fancy it]

Number Book 4 30.4.20


Number Book 5 –  pg 26

Number Book 5 30.4.20


Number Book 6 – pg 28 and 29

Number Book 6 30.4.20


Number Book 7

Please logon to Mathswatch and complete the questions on algebra.



The Twits

Thank you for sending me your excellent stories based on how you would stretch Mrs Twit. Some were very funny, others very gruesome!! Owen, yours really stood out. Good boy. Special prize for you on our return to school!


Read the chapter, ‘Mrs Twit Gets a Stretching’ [pg34]. Answer the following questions:


  1. Why does Mrs Twit let Mr Twit tie her to the balloons?
  2. What does Mr Twit put in the balloons?
  3. How many balloons were floating above Mrs Twit’s head?
  4. Roald Dahl uses the words ‘helpless’ and ‘prisoner’ to describe how Mrs Twit feels. Does this make you feel sorry for her? Why? [Don’t just put yes or no]
  5. What do you think Mrs Twit’s second idea will be?



Danny the Champion of the World

Thank you for sending me your stories written in the first person. Daniel, yours was excellent. Beautiful handwriting and some super vocabulary. Special prize for you on our return to school.


Read chapter 9 and 10 [Here are some links to nice people reading it for you]


chapters 9 and 10



Year 4 Habitats – pg 11 – Living Things Are Adapted To Their Environment

Complete task 11


Year 5 Life Cycles – pg 4 / 5 – Seeds are Dispersed inDifferent Ways

Complete task 4


Year 6 Different Changes – [pg 8 this page is just a guide today]

Watch the video above and write a short paragraph showing how burning causes irreversible changes.





Wednesday 29.4.20


Year 4

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 1

3 4 spellings 1


Year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 1

5 6 spellings 1


Maths [Times Tables]

Please choose the  most appropriate sheet, please don’t do them all…

1 Batman

2 Hawk-girl

3 Thor

4 Black widow

Grid tables


Religious Education


Home learning what is Judaism


Judaism general introdocx




Tuesday 28.4.20


Nice easy day today, so that if you have catching up to do, it gives you a bit of time – and if you are up to date, gives you something to nice and fun to do. Think about how we use nature and art at Forest School. Get your welly boots on and collect some natural resources too.


Art – Collage


Maths [if you want to…and you are up to date]

I have got everyone a link to the following maths platform. You might want to check it out today. You don’t need to Class Dojo me this as it sends me your results and I can see who has logged on, but you can always feedback to me.

  1. Go to..

[Just google mathswatch and it is first up on the search engine]

2. Your username is your first name followed by a full stop, followed by your surname, followed by @norbury, for example



3. Your password is the same, we can change this later on in the week.

4. There are activities for you to click on. You can look at the video to help you.


Year 6 – There are two activities – please only do the challenge questions on decimal multiplication if you are working on Number Book 7



Monday 27.4.20

Good Morning.

Note to Parents – I am attaching parent packs to support the CLIC tests [they only go up to CLIC 17] This should keep them busy [answers provided]. If you are not sure which pack to download look on the Big Maths Page:

School Code 0274

Username: Actual Name of pupil [capitals/spaces/hyphens]

Password: Herons1


CLIC 6 Parent Pack

CLIC 7 Parent Pack

CLIC 8 Parent Pack

CLIC 9 Parent Pack

CLIC 10 Parent Pack

CLIC 11 Parent Pack (1)

CLIC 12 Parent Pack

CLIC 13 Parent Pack

CLIC 14 Parent Pack

CLIC 15 Parent Pack

CLIC 16 Parent Pack

CLIC 17 Parent Pack


Topic Book 7

Maths watch instructions [MS /DA / TR]


Congratulations to Annabel, May, Daniel, Cody, Kezia and Noah who came up with amazing ideas for their up-cycling project. Yummy prizes to follow on our return to school. Well done. Thank you. [Kezia and Noah, I think we should test out your ideas at school!!]


Literacy / Science

Year 4 – Habitats Pg 4 – Different Animals are found in Different Habitats

Think about your habitat, you’re probably spending a lot of time there at the moment. Look at the picture in the book [pg4]. What kind of habitat is this? You will find many organisms in this woodland habitat. Do you have a woodland habitat you could walk to as part of your daily exercise? What organisms can you spot?

Look at Task 3

Do this verbally with a family member, for example, I can see a fern, I can see a badger.

Can you sort your list of plants and animals into groups? [in books please]


Find other animals and plants that you might find in a different habitat, for example, a pond, under a rock, the desert.

Year 5 – Life Cycles -pg 3 – Finding Fruits

It is a perfect time of year to find fruit trees as they are blossoming at the moment. Common fruit plants / trees  that you might see are cherry, apple, pear, blackberry [brambles] and strawberry. Do you have any growing in your garden? If your fruit tress have a good blossom you will get lots of fruit in late Summer / Autumn.

Remember, we cannot eat all fruits. The fruit carries the seed. The seed is how the plant reproduces. Think about how you plant seeds.

Look at these videos [I like the one below the best, can you think why? Might bring back a few memories].



In your red books please draw me the life cycle of an apple. In your comments use everything you have found out about the apple to write detailed sentences about each part of the cycle. The ideas in the book on page 3 will help you

Year 6 – Different Changes – pg 14 Sort The Changes

So, last week I asked you to do some mixing, which was very amusing to watch and see. If you were able to add any mixture to water what happened?  Some of you used some interesting vocabulary like dissolving, fizzing, separates, creating layers, disappears, mixing and these are all important words to use when looking at reversible and irreversible matters. For example, if you mixed in coffee could you get the coffee granules back again? Or if you mixed in soil or ash could you separate it back? If so how? Look at the PowerPoint below and define the following words in your red book:






Year 6 Powerpoint Changes of State


Look at P 14 of the book and decide which of these changes are reversible or irreversible.












Friday 24.4.20

Literacy Comprehension [Red Book]

Right then my friends…it’s time to do some reading comprehension. Please have a route through your packs and find your Nelson Comprehension Books.

Book 1 [Pink / Red Colour]

Pg 20 [Unit 3]

9 Questions based on the poem ‘Stereo Headphones’.


Book 2 [Blue]

pg 20 [Unit 3]

10 Questions based on the poem ‘One Moment in Summer’.


Book 3 [Green]

pg 40 [Unit 7]

9 Questions [in yellow] based on the poem ‘Jim Who Ran Away From His Nurse, And Was Eaten By A Lion’.


Book 4 [Orange]

pg 16 [Unit 3]

9 Questions [in yellow] based on the poem ‘The Brook’.



Log in to your Big Maths and complete the 3 challenges.

Big Maths Login


Afternoon Work

Upcycle / Recycle something in your house that can be used again. Here are some ideas.

Prizes for the most original ideas or best effort.


Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Don’t spend more than an hour a day on gaming devices!!!
  2. Get out in the sunshine. It’s good for you.
  3. Do at least 4 jobs for your parents a day.
  4. Use this time wisely… learn a new skill.
  5. Keep washing your hands [it’s still really important].

Send me evidence on Class Dojo that you are doing these things, for example, helping to cook tea, loading the dishwasher, riding your bike, looking after your pets, cleaning the house, doing exercise outside.


Thursday 23.4.20

Science / Literacy

Year 4 Habitats [Red Book]

Pg 2

How many living things can you think of? Make a list. You could also use a camera to take pictures of living things and then send them to me on class dojo.

How do you know if something is either a plant or animal? You may need to read the next page to help you.


Year 5 Life Cycles [Red Book]

pg 2

What are your ideas about seeds and fruits? Can you use the internet, books to find out where seeds come from?

Where do seeds come from?


Year 6 Different Changes [Red Book]

Define these words









pg 2

Look at task 1 and complete the investigation. Write the experiment up using the headings method, diagram, results and conclusion. Keep it neat and think about my presentation standards [find a ruler and a pencil!]



Topic Book 4

pg 12 and 13 [if you need a reminder look at the year 4 video from Monday]


Topic Book 5

pg 24 and 25 [word problems using subtraction and addition – if you need a reminder look at video from Monday]


Topic Book 6

pg 26

Number Book 6 23.4.20


Topic Book 7

pg 20 [Long Multiplication and Mental Multiplication]


You have all been working very hard… thank you… have an afternoon in the sun.


Wednesday 22.4.20

SPAG [Spelling Punctuation and Grammar]

Here are some SPAG activities for you to try. Now, you can spot many of the mistakes if you look at the copy on the computer, but if you are able to print them out, it will make the activity harder because the spelling mistakes will not be highlighted. Please copy these activities out into your red book. You should also be working on handwriting and presentation. Don’t feel you have to do all of them, maybe two.

Correct the SPAG 22.4.20

MISTAKES 2 20.4.20

Proof reading (1)

Year 5 and 6 only [unless you fancy a challenge]

Y5 and 6 SPAG-Practice-book


Times Tables

Superhero-practise-book (1)



RE home learning Spirited Arts competition



Tuesday 21.4.20 LITERACY DAY!!!

Sorry, I confused some of you yesterday as I only set [lots of] maths, so today I am only going to set literacy, but I would like you to write me an extended piece of work. If you want to dive back into some of the maths, it is still there [look below].


The Twits

Read the chapter ‘The Funny Walking Stick’ and ‘Mrs Twit Has the Shrinks’.


If you look at the next chapter, Mr Twit starts to stretch Mrs Twit. The picture [pg 35] shows how he ties her feet to the ground and her hands and hair to balloons and then leaves her there to stretch. Today, I would like you to think of another way that Mr Twit might stretch Mrs Twit. Here are some ideas.

Impossible? No. But it's definitely a bit of a stretch! How one ...  Girl Hanging Upside Down In A Playground Stock Photo, Picture And ... Batmanning': Latest bizarre internet craze of hanging upside down ... Does doing splits against the wall actually improve your ability ... 4 Ways to Get Taller Fast - wikiHow children's stilts - Wooden educational and role play toysFemale Rock Climber Hanging Off Cliff Ca High-Res Stock Photo ...

We know that Mr Twit isn’t a very nice man and he wants to get revenge on Mrs Twit for feeding him worms! Try to create your own story based on Mr Twit trying to stretch Mrs Twit. You can get gruesome if you want!

Man Being Tortured On The Rack Stock Photo - 10919259

Here is my example

Now we know that Mr Twit was very unhappy with Mrs Twit for feeding him worms instead of spaghetti and he wanted to make the stretching experience as unpleasant as possible. He led the worried woman to the utility room, telling her to put on a warm coat and some sensible shoes. He sniggered menacingly under his breath. However many times Mrs Twit asked him where they were going he did not answer. The nasty couple got into their beaten up car, Mr Twit putting some long rope in the back before speeding off up the drive and into the countryside. It was a sunny day and the sky was blue. Mr Twit pulled up in a secluded lay-by.
“Where are we?” Mrs Twit asked, but the mean Mr Twit did not answer, he just smiled.
“This way,” he cooed, as he opened the car door and led her towards a dusty path. Looking down the path Mrs Twit grunted,
“What’s down there?”
“You’ll find out,” answered Mr Twit. As they walked down the path the birds tweeted and the sun shone. Mr Twit thought that this was going to be the best day ever! Suddenly, Mr Twit told Mrs Twit to stop. They were near a cliff edge and the sun was beating down. Mr Twit took the rope from his shoulder and started to unwind it slowly. Mrs Twit looked at him curiously. Mr Twit hooked and knotted the rope to a nearby tree and checked that his knot was tight. Grabbing Mrs Twits arms he wrapped the rope around her arms and knotted this too.
“What are you doing?” Mrs Twit asked.
“Stretching you,” Mr Twit. Unsure of what was about to happen, Mrs Twit frowned. She had never really liked her husband and she did not trust him at all, however, the sun was shining and the walk had seemed peaceful and nice…until now.
“How is tying the knot around my wrists going to stretch me?”
“Like this..” said Mr Twit with a glint of nastiness in his eye, and he pushed poor Mrs Twit off the edge of the cliff.
“Ahhhhh! Help” cried Mrs Twit who was now hanging off the cliff with the rope tied around her wrists. Her legs were wildly swinging and the sun burned down on her.

“Cheerio,” said Mr Twit happily, “I’ll be back at teatime to take you home.” And off he went, leaving Mrs Twit hanging off the edge of the cliff by a rope that was tied to a tree.


Danny the Champion of the World

Read Chapter 8 [The Pit]

This is a very dramatic chapter. It is told from Danny’s point of view in the 1st person [meaning that Danny is narrating and using the world I]. Please re-write this chapter with Danny’s father as the narrator. You could start your story from the point where he hears Danny shouting his name, or from earlier in the story when he was poaching. I would like you to think about VCOP for EVERY sentence. Now we know that this makes writing harder and you are not as likely to produce as much writing, so don’t worry about quantity, think about quality. Let’s have a recap about VCOP.

Recap on VCOP ISPACE 2


Here is a little video of my cat and dog [just for fun].

My Pets


Start to look at your Science book [Habitats / Life Cycles / Different Changes] ready for your science activity on Thursday.


BBC Bitesize

In case you wanted a peep. The news is talking about this link a lot.

This is based on 20.4.20 so you may need to archive back a day –

Year 6 if you look at the 11+ link it looks at positive and negative numbers.

Year 5 if you follow the 9+ link it talks about multiplying and dividing by 10 / 100 / 1000

Year 4 if you follow the 7+ link its all about rounding and place value [catchy song included]



Monday  20.4.20 MATHS DAY!!!!!

Geography Projects

Thank you to the children who have completed and sent their Geography projects to me. Amazing stuff. If you haven’t finished, there is still time. Specials mentions for May, Alastair, Cody and Lizzie. Well done guys your projects were fabulous. I have some special prizes for you when we return to school [yummy yum!].


Maths Revision

The work below is based on common mistakes that you made in the Year 4 /5 assessment that I gave to you before school closed. If you want to know how you did and what areas you need to work on ask a parent to email me and I will send your results to you. It is fine to work on Year 4 or 5 objectives no matter what year group you are in. Year 6, look at your wobbly areas please! This is really just a revision day. I will leave this up all week so you can keep looking at it.


If you are working on the Number Book 7 I have put in a maths investigation sheet at the bottom if you are secure on the areas below.


Year 4

Subtraction Year 4

Year 4 Subtraction Worksheet


Column Multiplication Year 4

Column Multiplication Year 4 [Worksheet]


Easy Division Year 4

Easy Division Year 4  [Worksheet]


Times by 10 Year 4

Year 4 X 10 [Worksheet]


Divide by 10 Year 4

Year 4 Division 10 Worksheet


Coin Card [Multiplication] Year 4\

Year 4 Coin Card [Multiplication] Worksheet


Year 5

Subtraction Year 5

SCN_0001 [Worksheet Year 5 Subtraction]


Fact Families Year 5

SCN_0002 [Worksheet 1 addition and subtraction]

SCN_0003 [Worksheet 2 multiplication and division]


Times 10 100 Year 5

Divide 10 and 100 Year 5

Worksheet Year 5 X10     [sorry I put the wrong link on this one yesterday]


On Twinkl Worksheets [only choose 1 sheet / don’t do all three!!]

* = easier

** = medium

*** = hard

Answers are attached [no cheating!!]


Word Problems 1

Word Problems 2

t2-m-1068-differentiated-twostep-maths-word-problems-activity-sheet-pack_ver_6  [Worksheet]


On Twinkl Worksheets [only choose 1 sheet / don’t do all three!!]

* = easier

** = medium

*** = hard

Answers are attached [no cheating!!]


Year 6 [Maths Investigation / This is tricky so only do if yo are very secure with all above areas]


Prison Cells

This should take a while!!



3.4.20 [Friday]

  • Maths

Can you write all the times tables out:

2, 4, 6, 8

3, 6, 9, 12,

4, 8, 12, 16,

5, 10, 15, 20

6, 12. 18, 24

7, 14, 21, 28

etc all the way up to 12s? If not please keep practising this.

If you can, do you know all the square numbers?

1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100 [keep going]

And all the prime number to 100?

2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19 [keep going]


  • Literacy / Geography

Read your Geography book [Weather / Climate and People / St Lucia]

Get as much information as you can ready to make your presentation over the holidays.



I would like you to produce a presentation based on your Geography book. I have listed and give examples of the way you might do this below [Mind Map / Non-Chronological Report / PowerPoint]. You may however, present this in any way you choose. You can get most of the information from the books I have given to you, although feel free to explore other options such as the World Wide Web, Non Fiction Books or knowledge and facts from other people. Keep it neat. Focus on ascenders and descenders [posh words for tall and low letters] and do not used muddled capitals in your writing [watch out for s k c b d]. Have fun, use lots of pictures and diagrams. If you copy text try to reword it into your own words and the number 1 rule is NEVER copy something from the internet if you do not understand it.


Geography Mind Map

Mind Map Completed


Year 6, you should be looking at writing out your project as a Non-Chronological report. You can do this on the computer if you like. Here is a recap of what a Non-Chronological report looks like.

Re-Cap of Non-Chronological Report

Or you could think about writing a PowerPoint. Here is an example of what a PowerPoint looks like. You can use this if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer.

St Lucia PPoint


Happy holidays


2.4.20 [Thursday]

Big Maths Login

Hi Herons,

As requested here are your Big Maths Logins. I will just send you this for today as some of you have requested a ‘catch up’ period, which is fine. It really can be difficult to judge how much work to send, so just let me know and I can adjust accordingly.

It will be the Easter holidays on Friday so I will set you a project to do, but I will not be setting work everyday. Make sure you enjoy your holidays as much as you can. Think of nice ways to play with your siblings and try to get outside and get some fresh air. I have set myself a goal to read for an hour everyday so I don’t spend too much time on electrical devices or watching television, try to do the same. Perhaps you have a hobby or a goal you always wanted to achieve. Elizabeth is trying to ride the horse everyday [she is getting better at riding even after two weeks] and Esther is writing a book [she is on chapter 4]. You can do it!! Let me know what your goal will be.

School will be open over Easter for Keyworker childcare. These are the parents who have very important jobs, like doctors, nurses and people who produce and deliver food. If you need anything from school send me an email and I will leave bits and bobs on the doorstep. Some of you have requested new exercise books already. I must be working you hard.

I am rewarding children who send work onto Class Dojo with Dojo points. I’m very generous so keep sending your work to me. There are only one or two of you who haven’t sent anything to me yet! Come on you can do it. If you cannot access Class Dojo then ask your mum or dad to email me a photo, I will upload it for you. Some of you are near 200 points! That’s amazing! Well done if this is you.

Some of you are sending messages to each other on Class Dojo too. This is lovely. You will probably only be able to see them if the child is in your year group and if you have logged in as a pupil, but I am quite happy to approve these and put them on your portfolios [it can’t all be about work]. Some of you are also sending me pictures of other activities you have been doing, this is great too. Lucia has sent me a beautiful picture [amazing Lucia] and Cody has sent me a video of him playing the guitar [this really cheered me up Cody]. Please feel free to keep sending me stuff over Easter. It’s keeping me amused!!

I was thinking about doing a reward board next term with special mentions on for children who are working extra hard. Would you like to be able to add to the board? Maybe you are missing a special friend and want to send a hello. Let me know if this sounds like something you would like to do.

More important than anything though, is that you are safe and happy. Stay safe by washing your hands [hot water and soap] and stay happy by making the time you spend with your close family as enjoyable as you can. Do nice things [I know it can be hard sometimes when we are all cooped up]. Remember that good advice my mum gives, “If you can’t say anything nice restrict your comments to the weather!”

Take care, happy holidays for tomorrow,

Mrs C


1.4.20 [Wednesday]

Home Learning

  • Maths

Times Table Game All

Tables mixed-columns-and-rows

  • Literacy

Apostrophe of possession explanation


Apostrophe simpsons


Clallenge Apostrophes_factsheet

Challenge Apostrophe for possession worksheet

  • RE

Create church noticeboard





Home Learning

  • Maths

Number Book 4 pg 10

Number 4 31.3.20

Number Book 5 pg 22

Number 5 31.3.20

Number Book pg 21 and 22

Number 6 part 1 31.3.20

Number 6 Part 2 31.3.20

Number Book 7 pg 31

Number 7 31.3.20



  • Literacy

Danny Champion of the World [Chapter 7 – The Baby Austin]

I’m really sorry but part 1 of chapter 7 will not upload. This is me reading chapter 7 from half way down pg 59. So you read the first part and then the link below will take you to me reading the end of the chapter.

Part 2 DC

Answer the following questions based on Chapter 6 and chapter 7


1. Look through the following vocabulary and define these words:
brewery – smug – precisely – indicate – estate – superiorwriggle – dread – snob – inspect
prickly – swerve – glimpse –
cozystealth(ily) – ruin – inflamed – twilight – petrified – immense

2. Who is Mr. Victor Hazell?
3. Why doesn’t Danny’s father like Mr. Hazell?
4. What is meant by decarbonizing?
5. Explain why twilight is the best time to catch pheasant.
6. Why did Dad wear the navy blue sweater and peaked cap to go poaching?
7. What did Danny think when he woke up at 2:10 in the night?
8. What were Danny’s thoughts and feeling as he was driving the Baby Austin?


The Twits

Read the chapter The Wormy Spaghetti and answer the following questions:

  1. How did Mrs Twit bring the worms back into the house?
  2. What time did she cook lunch?
  3. Why could Mr Twit not see the worms?
  4. Why did Mrs Twit call the spaghetti ‘Squiggly Spaghetti’?
  5. What kind of flavour did Mr Twit think the new spaghetti have?
  6. What did Mr Twit wipe his mouth with?


  • Geography

Continue with your introduction [started yesterday] and read more of your book [Weather / People and Climate / St Lucia] The more you read now, the less you will have to do over the holidays.








Home Learning

  • Maths

Number Book 4 pg 8

Number Book 4 30.3.20

Number Book 5 pg 20 [and 21 if you can]

Number Book 5 30.3.20

Number Book 6 pg 20

Number Book 6 30.3.20

Number Book 7 pg28 [plus re-visit problem from Friday]

Number Book 7 30.3.20


  • Literacy

The Twits

Chapter – the Glass Eye and The Frog

Chapter Tricks

Write a short story, using correct spelling and neat handwriting about playing a trick on someone and how they play a trick back. You can write in the first person [using I] or in the third person [she / he / they]


Danny Champion of the World

Read chapters 5 and 6

Based on chapter 5, write a brief description of the different ‘methods’ you can use to catch a pheasant. Title ‘Different Methods to Catch Pheasants’.


  • Geography

Over the Easter holidays I am going to set you a project based on your Geography Guided Reading Book. I have handed 3 books out, you only have one of them. Have a look in your pack:

  1. Weather
  2. St Lucia
  3. Climate

This afternoon I would like you to browse through the book I have given to you. Get an idea on what it is about. Look at the pictures and read the captions. Read the first few pages and start to think about important parts.

When you have looked through the book think about writing an introduction to your project. An introduction should include ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’. ‘where’, and ‘why’ and give a brief summary of the topic. Here are some examples.


Weather / People and Climate – An Introduction

Weather affects us in different ways. When humans, animals and plants live in hot parts of the world they adapt differently to those who live in colder climates. Humans adapt sports, clothes and food to different types of weather; everyday life in different temperatures can be very different. Forecasts tell us what the weather is likely to be like, but the world is split into different climate zones, temperate, polar, tropical, cool forest and desert. Weather can also bring dangers like drought or floods. We can measure the weather using gauges and this gives an overall picture of what to expect. There are regional differences in different countries, for example it can be hot in the south of the UK while snow could be forecast in the north of the country. The equator and climate zones influences what the weather will be like at different parts of the day and different times of the year.


St Lucia – An Introduction

St Lucia is a small island in the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean is on the equator making the island hot but also very rainy. Many people visit the island because it is beautiful and has pretty beaches. Tropical fruits grow on the island and there are mountains and volcanoes. The weather in St Lucia is tropical, meaning that it is hot but there are storms, sometimes the storms can be devastating especially when high winds or excessive rainfall cause damage or landslides. St Lucia has a rich history where its people have made a living from fishing and farming. Sugar, cotton, banana and coconuts plantations provide people with a good income. Castries is the capitol city of St Lucia and most people who live on the island live here. Because St Lucia is an island, fishing also is a good income. There are markets in Castries where locals can buy fish and fresh fruit.