Congratulations! You have made it to the Hall of Fame.

Tom Morrision – David and Goliath 25.01.21

Owen Carr – Jungle Log – 21.01.2021

Livia Wooley  – Submarine Guide to the Layers of the Ocean 21.01.2021

Please click the link to see the video! It’s amazing and so educational!

Livia’s Under the Sea tour

Congratulations to Phoebe Brown and Eva Walker from the Kingfishers class for making it to 100 Dojo points!

Bobbi Provan – Literacy – Writing a Jungle Log – 21.01.2021

And Congratulations to Bobbi to making it to 100 Dojo points!

Ellie-Mai Browning – Science – Vertebrates – 19.1.21


Laura Fountain – Non Fiction – Awesome Earth – 19.1.21

Congratulations! you have made it to 100 Dojo Points! AMAZING!


Trudy Thornley

Lucy Hayes

Annabel Carr

Ellie-Mai Browning

Merrilees McFadzean




Sophie Freegard – Non Fiction – Amazing Earth 19.1.21

Hector Batterby – Non Fiction – Awesome Earth – 19.1.21


Cody Bassett – Amazing Maths – 19.1.21


Congratulations to Martha Sillitto from the Kingfisher class for reaching 100 Dojo points!



Bella Danks – Non Fiction 11.1.21


Congratulations to the following Heron children for receiving over 100 Dojo points.

Owen Hollingsworth


Isla Vernon

Jaxson Low

Lizzie Butler

Merrrilees McFadzean

Freddie Braithwaite-Smith

Bella Danks