If you are looking for more work to do while school is temporarily shut, here are some ideas…

  • All children have been given a Purple Mash login and password. There is a wealth of activities on this platform. Endless hours of coding, maths, reading and games. Please contact your class Teacher if you need their log in details.


  • If you are interesting in coding, game or web design then have a look at https://hourofcode.com/uk/learn they have lots of projects designed for different age ranges and confidence and experience levels!


  • Go to www.kodable.com/login and either scan this QR code or enter the class code below to start your coding adventure!

Kodable Class Codes


  • Write a book review

Book Review


  • Design and make an island. Think about the name of your island. Who discovered it. What currency do they use? What happens on the island? Are there any materials such as gold or oil?

This is what a good one looks like.








  • Make a castle and label the important features.

Here is what a good example looks like….


  • Make a PowerPoint about your favourite person, place, animal, hobby or fact.

Here is what a good one looks like…

St Lucia


  • Create a poster to help explain the 2 metre distancing rule

Here is a fun example showing what 2m looks like